2016 New Year Resolution

December 30, 2015

It is time to sit back and take stock of a year that has passed by so quickly. And then quietly or openly declare their New Year Resolution - NYR.  Understandably, NYRs come in all kinds and shapes: get rich; find a boyfriend or girlfriend; get married or have a kid… But we think there are some basic resolutions generally in everyone’s mind:

  1. Eat Healthily

  2. Exercise more often

  3. Less Stress

  4. More Fun

Eating healthily is the most import to get onto.  Once you eat healthily, you will be healthier.  A healthy person will be a happier person with more energy.  With that, you have the means and better opportunity to get richer or achieve other things you want to achieve in the New Year. 

Some believe that with more exercise, one can afford to eat less healthily.  That is a myth.  Exercise will not push out all the unhealthy stuff you eat.  If one really must weigh between the two, eating healthier has a bigger impact on health than exercising more. 

Eating makes us happy. Some use eating as a way to make themselves happy or to distress.  That is certainly one of the worst methods.  Exercise is actually a better way to distress and to be happier.  You may not know that eating healthier is a good way to become happier and to distress as well. Eating unhealthy stuff, such as sugar-loaded food may make one happier but only for a very short period of time.

Some degree of stress is good, especially for younger people. Stress trains people to be tougher and create more drive to succeed.  Stress also drives away tardiness for some people.

But prolonged stress can be a key contributor to sickness or even death.  For people reaching mid or old age, stress can kill.  One needs to find ways to lower pressure in their life and to distress when the pressure is built-up.  Even when this is hard to do or achieve, eating healthier can still be incorporated into our daily lives.  When we are under prolonged stress, our immune system gets weaker.  Under such situations, eating healthier to boost our immune power is actually critically important.

Having more fun should not be luxuries in life.  It should be everyone’s goal in life.  Of course, fun means different things to different people.  One may like to climb the highest mountain on earth.  Another may want to overtake Bill Gates to be the richest man in history.  Do what you have to do and want to do.  Have Fun in whatever situations we may be in.  Have Fun for whatever we may achieve in 2016.

Have a healthier and happier year ahead!