What’s in it for you?

This is a special meal formulated for people who are:

  • Overweight or wish for a more desired bodyweight
  • Constipated or want to have more regular bowel movement

This food is also excellent for those with diabetes and elevated blood sugar levels!

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Food makes us fat!  One becomes overweight or obese when he or she:

  • Overeat

  • Lack of exercise
  • Eat too much junk foods – empty calories foods
  • Eat too much fried food
  • Eat too much processed foods;  foods that have been chemically processed and made mainly from refined ingredients and artificial substances

Most people know this problem but old habits die hard. After all, what’s life without our favourite food?
It is also a challenge to eat healthily in food paradise like Hong Kong or Singapore.  A local study done by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board found that half of the population eat out eight or more times a week. Though food in public eateries is tasty, it is usually made at the lowest possible costs.  Making food healthy is usually their last priority.

Thus, avoiding such food especially if we have no choice but to eat out is not easy.  So, what else can one do to avoid obesity?


Our body is likened to an input-output system.  If you can’t control the ‘input’ (your food intake), then the next best thing is to make the ‘output’ more efficient.  One major avenue of ‘output’ is fat-burning exercises.  Again, in today’s hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle, this is a tall order.
Another avenue for ‘output’ is defecation.  Yes, that’s right.  If you can pass out the excessive quantity and the fat-inducing types of food faster and more regularly, becoming obese becomes less worrying.
We can’t avoid bad food totally – which makes us fat. However, we can eat a better combination of food that will make you shit efficiently.  That will help you to lose weight and avoid being obese!
This meal only requires 3-5 minutes to prepare. It is formulated to modify your existing food-intake combination and help you become slim without sweat!